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This was the first of the James Bond spoof movies that has even sparked a new remake with BRAD PITT & ROBERT REDFORD.... BUT, this underground cult favorite stars "The Bird's TIPPI HEDREN & TROY DONAHUE. Much better casting when you're looking for fun and excitement on the screen! MOVE OVER BOND...BANNER HAS ARRIVED! VARIETY called this movie "AN ENTERTAINING SPOOF!" And thus, a new secret agent takes over in this full length feature film that spans the globe in search of an incriminating piece of video that could be used to blackmail a Russian General. Troy Donahue plays "Python," an SOB operative barking orders from his wheelchair aboard the U.S. submarine and Tippi Hedren is the leader of this wild group who must locate this tape so she can use it to blackmail the leaders of the USSR. This spoof includes a "KILLER ROBOT," an underwater fight with the obligatory hungry sharks, a hot air balloon fight and even a nuclear explosion in Cuba! If you liked Austin Powers, you'll love Banner and this great cult cast around him... Variety's review said it would make a great movie for video rentals, but this is your chance to own it AND it's signed in original ink by the Director/Star on the video cover. Rated R for nudity/language. Hard Rock music score. The Signature is guaranteed for life and comes with our Certificate of Authenticity. We are also members of the UACC (RD228) and the Director's Guild of America.


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1 VHS Video + SIGNED Cover, Certificate of Authenticity

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